News Release

2024. 3. 27 Approval of Subsidy Amount Modification in NEDO's "Bio Manufacturing Revolution Promotion Project" (Click here for details)
2024. 2. 20 The collaborative research results of our company, Osaka University and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in the JST Mirai Program* "High-rate bioproduction of valuable organic compounds using synthetic sugars" were published in the international academic journal "ChemBioChem".
(* Proposal-based contract research project by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency))
Click here for the outline of the research results (link to the website of Osaka University).
2024. 2. 5 Finalization of subsidy for NEDO's Project in the "Bio Manufacturing Revolution Promotion Project" (Click here for details)
2023. 10. 16 On October 12nd, 2023, Mr. Ihara, the CEO of GEI participated in "The Forefront of Bio Manufacturing" Seminar in Bio Japan 2023 as a speaker, focusing on initiatives for commercialization of biomanufacturing in Kanto region. (Click here for details)
2023. 10. 11 GEI Adopted to NEDO’s Project for Commercial Production of Biofuel and Resin Materials From Woody Biomass (Click here for details)
2023. 8. 4 Development of Innovative Biomanufacturing Technologies Using CO2 and H2 as Feedstocks for Hydrogen-oxidizing Bacteria (Click here for details)
2023. 4. 3 GEI Adopted to NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund Project for R&D of Manufacturing Technology Using CO2, H2 by Hydrogen-Oxidizing Bacteria (Click here for details)
2023. 2. 3 MOU Concluded on Collaboration for the First Commercial Production of Cellulosic Bioethanol from Woody Biomass in Japan (Click here for details)
2023. 1. 30  GEI and Agro Ludens Implement Business Development Partnership for Mycoprotein Commercialization. (Click here for details)
2023. 1. 20  On January 16, 2023, Mr. Ihara, the CEO of GEI, participated in the signing ceremony of agreement on "Japan UAE Collaboration scheme for Advanced Technology” as a Japanese green tech start-up (Click for Details)
2023. 1. 18  Additional Agreement with J-POWER for Feasibility Study Project(Click here for Details)
2022. 12. 27  GEI’s Bio-Foundry Base visitation by METI and NEDO members. (Click here for Details)
2022. 12. 20   GEI and J-POWER Start Feasibility Study Project on Integrated Business of Biofuel and Green Chemical Production utilizing Oil Palm Tree Waste in Thail (Click here for details)
2021. 7. 20 As the first step of the "Circular Bio ™ Ethanol Project", which has been promoted as an activity to contribute to SDG's, the Circular Bio ™ disinfectant gel made from shredder recycled paper has been completed.
We have adopted a nice bottle design so please have a look at the details.
2021. 7. 15   At our research center, we have started to use 100% renewable energy supplied through Minna Denryoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Eiji Oishi).
2021. 6. 11   Air Water Inc. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Kikuo Toyoda), Sojitz Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Masayoshi Fujimoto), Sony Innovation Fund by IGV (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Gen Tsuchikawa / Atsuhito Hosoi), The Norinchukin Bank (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Oku Kazuto) have underwritten a third-party allotment of shares.
2021. 3. 9   The Company and Hitachi Capital Co., Ltd. applied "Circular BioTM Project - Utilization of agricultural residue and food residue -" to "TEAM EXPO 2025" Program/Co-creation Challenge " sponsored by Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, and it was registered today. Taking this opportunity, we will accelerate the research and development of chemical products made from food residues in order to contribute to the realization of a resource circulation society.
2021. 2. 12   The bio-jet fuel manufactured in the "Let's fly by 100,000 clothes! JAL Bio-jet fuel flight" project was installed on JL319 flight (from Haneda to Fukuoka) on February 4, and the flight was completed successfully.
2021. 1. 28  From Japan! A flight equipped with domestic bio-jet fuel manufactured from clothing cotton will be carried out!
2021. 1. 28  Manufactured in collaboration with Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., the flight equipped with the first domestically produced bio-jet fuel that passed the international fuel standard (ASTM D7566) in March last year will be realized. Bio-jet fuel is being put to practical use worldwide, but this is the first feat for a flight equipped with domestic bio-jet fuel.
  2020. 7. 15  Green Earth Ethanol, the new-bio-ethanol, sourced from inedible biomass is adopted into new cosmetic product line at ALBION
ALBION recently announces that it will put “Green Earth Ethanol” into the formulation of its main product lines, IGNIS SUNNY SOUR LINE series. “Green Earth Ethanol” was produced from inedible biomass, poplar tree, as the achievement of the collaborative development project between Green Earth Institute and ALBION.
  2020. 4. 17  All domestic Japanese first ever bio-jet fuel passes ASTM International Standard - A historical accomplishment by the national team consisting of Green Earth Institute, Japan Airlines, JEPLAN, RITE and other Japanese companies. Read More ⇒
  2019. 8. 21  We will exhibit our challenge and engagement onto Bio refinery area at an event “Innovation Japan2019” held by NEDO on 29th and 30th August, 2019 at Tokyo BigSite.
Please come and visit our booth so that our latest environmentally innovative information should be available.
Also business matching meeting can be scheduled to connect technologies one on one basis on demand.
  2019. 7. 8 

Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd.(GEI) in Japan announces that joint research initiative launched with DIC Corporation(DIC) in Japan who focuses on achieving a sustainable society, developing naturally derived aspartic acid with a feature of biodegradable superabsorbent polymer(SAP). Read More ⇒

  2018. 9. 3  GEI announces that it has raised capital from DIC Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, president and executive officer: Kaoru Ino). The company is the world's top share chemical manufacturer in printing ink, organic pigment, PPS compound. GEI will strive to expand and develop green chemicals conforming to sustainable society together utilizing the company's knowledge on chemicals and business networks.
  2017. 3. 8  GEI announces that it has raised capital from two funds.
  2016. 12. 7  A collaborative project to produce biojet fuel from cotton clothes to be announced and exhibited at the press conference in the "EcoPro - International Exhibition on Environment and Energy"! Read More ⇒
  2016. 9. 15  Our company was described in the feature article entitled “The Bold Mission of Venture Companies” published in the 15th September 2016 edition of the Soushouchiku Energy Jihou published by Energy Journal Company.
  2016. 8. 2 GEI has been selected for one of R&D parties at " The 97th New Technology Development Subsidy Project at the first request for proposal in the year of 2016" launched by The New Technology Development Foundation.
  2016. 7. 16 The Toyo-Keizai, a major economic journal in Japan, picked up the name of GEI at one of its article titled “the promising 60 Japanese venture companies” at its latest publication of “the Japanese great 100 venture companies” dated July 23rd , 2016.
  2016. 7. 1 GEI has been selected as a subsidy project at the year of 2016 by the Interest Incorporated Foundation of CHIBA INDUSTRY ADVANCEMENT CENTER titled for “ Cheering up Small and Medium Companies located in the prefecture of Chiba”.
 2016. 5. 12 GEI has been mentioned in an article, " Chiba’s New Tech," in THE JOURNAL (the official magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan) .
2016. 4. 24 Major biofuels industry media Biofuels Digest in the U.S. featured Green Earth Institute.
2016. 3. 7 GEI announces that it has raised capital from a US fund.
  2015.10. 27 GEI announces that it has raised capital from a major trading firm in Japan.
2015. 8. 6 CEO Ihara gives a speech on Industrialization of Biorefinery in the 17th Morning Pitch event.

the 17th Morning Pitch event  the 17th Morning Pitch event

2015. 8. 5

GEI announces that it has raised JPY225million from two companies.

2015. 7. 8 A road map of the Jet fuel, made of GEI's isobutanol, is placed in the report of Initiatives for Next Generation Aviation Fuels. (report)
2014. 9. 26

GEI announces that it has raised JPY423million from seven funds.

2014. 5. 7 The article “Prospect of production of amino acids in 2015/ Cooperation with chemical manufacturer” is published in the newspaper The Chemical Daily (Green Innovation section)
2014. 3. 19

The article “Chemical revolution of independence from fossil fuel by shale gas/ Chemical products from Biofuel - Diversification of raw materials for stable supply” is published in the newspaper Nikkei Business Daily (High Technology section)

2014. 2. 10 GEI announces that it has raised JPY100million from The University of Tokyo Edge Capital and SMBC Venture Capital.
2014. 1. 21

The article “Contemporary portrait of Tomohito Ihara” is published in the magazine AERA.

2013. 12. 4 Director Yukawa gives a lecture in Innovative Environmental Technology Symposium 2013 (Organizer: RITE)

Innovative Environmental Technology Symposium 2013

2013. 11. 25

GEI’s technology is described in the magazine Nikkei Business (Technology and Trend section: The chemicals by Microorganism).

2013. 10. 9-11 GEI has exhibit in Bio Japan 2013 (Pacifico Yokohama)

Bio Japan 2013

Bio Japan 2013  Bio Japan 2013

CEO Ihara gives a lecture on Approach of Biorefinery commercialization in “Green Innovation Summit” in BioJapan 2013.

Green Innovation Summit  Green Innovation Summit

2013. 8. 29

GEI makes an agreement for engineering work of facilities for ethanol and amino acid production by RITE bioprocess with Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation.

2013. 7. 17 GEI is selected as a commissioned project by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Joint project with RITE
2013. 5. 23

GEI is selected as a subsidy project by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) for “Innovation Commercialization Venture Support Project”.

2013. 1. 8 The article “Biotechnology/ Biofuels and Chemicals from plant’s stem and leaf” is published in the newspaper Nikkei (Technology of This year section)
2012. 12. 7

The article “Keeping manufacturing cost low by using Corynebacterium glutamicum/ Corroboration research with NREL, Tolerance to fermentation inhibitors” is published in the newspaper The Chemical Daily (Environment section)

2012. 12. 5 Director Yukawa gives a lecture in Innovative Environmental Technology Symposium 2012 (Organizer: RITE)
2012. 10. 10-12

GEI has exhibit in Bio Japan 2012 (Pacifico Yokohama)

Bio Japan 2012  Bio Japan 2012

2012. 10. 8 GEI is introduced in the magazine Nikkei Business (Next generation’s venture companies 100 section).