2023. 10. 16 On October 12nd, 2023, Mr. Ihara, the CEO of GEI participated in "The Forefront of Bio Manufacturing" Seminar in Bio Japan 2023 as a speaker, focusing on initiatives for commercialization of biomanufacturing in Kanto region. (Click here for details)
2023. 10. 11 GEI Adopted to NEDO’s Project for Commercial Production of Biofuel and Resin Materials From Woody Biomass (Click here for details)
2023. 8. 4 Development of Innovative Biomanufacturing Technologies Using CO2 and H2 as Feedstocks for Hydrogen-oxidizing Bacteria (Click here for details)
2023. 4. 3 GEI Adopted to NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund Project for R&D of Manufacturing Technology Using CO2, H2 by Hydrogen-Oxidizing Bacteria (Click here for details)
2023. 2. 3 MOU Concluded on Collaboration for the First Commercial Production of Cellulosic Bioethanol from Woody Biomass in Japan (Click here for details)
2023. 1. 30  GEI and Agro Ludens Implement Business Development Partnership for Mycoprotein Commercialization. (Click here for details)
2023. 1. 20  On January 16, 2023, Mr. Ihara, the CEO of GEI, participated in the signing ceremony of agreement on "Japan UAE Collaboration scheme for Advanced Technology” as a Japanese green tech start-up (Click for Details)
2023. 1. 18  Additional Agreement with J-POWER for Feasibility Study Project(Click here for Details)